Tummy B Calm

Tummy B Calm

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Tummy B Calm ULTRA

This recipe has become very popular for aiding to solve severe stomach issues! When a veterinarian says "put that horse down, we can't cure the ulcers" and the horse is helped by this mix...well you know its a good thing!
Most effective with a change to a non chemical, whole foods diet.
This "Ultra" mix contains ingredients to help the entire digestive process!


  • Burdock Root-mineral rich healing herb!
  • Fennel Seed-Cleanses liver, improves digestion, lowers uric acid level
  • Licorice Root-Tonic for the intestinal tract, stimulates enzymes and peristaltic action (movement through the bowels).
  • MarshMallow Root-soothes and coats intestinal walls, which aids in preventing ulcer type symptoms
  • Meadowsweet- mild pain reliever, effective against diarrhea causing bacteria
  • Peppermint-relieves gas/bloating
  • Psyllium Seed-absorbs toxins, "colon scrubber"
  • Slippery Elm Bark-soothing to intestinal tract, removes toxins, improves mucous buildup that helps prevent ulcer type symptoms
  • Yarrow-heals and promotes function of the liver, kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

When Tummy B Calm BASICS isnt enough, try this mix! Can also be used in small doses to aid in preventing ulcer type symptoms caused by stressful incidents such as traveling, showing and training.
Now with diatomaceous earth to promote shelf life and add minerals.

One 16oz bag will last the average 1000lb horse approximately 30 days at regular dosage.