No More Pain

No More Pain

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"No More Pain" is a simple anti inflammatory recipe for everyday aches and pains. Good for pain relief from arthritis, injuries, and general pain relief.This is a powdered formula and may be combined with one of our IRON HORSE recipes for easy feeding or add to foods dampened with water or oil. May be partnered with our JOINT REBUILDER in order to custom blend a joint/pain relief formula.

For a more complex, pain relieving, muscle relaxing, circulation improving recipe, see our No More Pain-PLUS! recipe.

Our No More Pain recipe includes:

Devil's Claw

Simple and effective. Providing all natural anti inflammatory effects with pain relief.
Contains a small amount of Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite Clay to promote shelf life and add minerals.

One 16oz lasts the average 1000lb horse approximately 30 days.