ForeCalm Paste 4 doses, 80 cc tube

ForeCalm Paste 4 doses, 80 cc tube

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ForeCalmTM Paste combines the calming effects of Magnesium, Taurine, L-Tryptophan, Thiamine, and Organic Hemp Seed, along with the patented and award-winning ingredient of Suntheanine.  This combination of active ingredients minimizes both physical and mental stress, and anxiety and nervousness, allowing your horse to focus on the job at task.  ForeCalmTM Paste is Show Safe and will not test.

Active Ingredients:

Magnesium Citrate                4000 mg

Taurine                                 3000 mg

L-Tryptophan                         1000 mg

Suntheanine(R) (L-theanine)   600 mg

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)            550 mg

Organic Hemp Seed Oil           500 mg


Inactive Ingredients

Silicon Dioxide, Flavoring, Non-GMO Soy Oil