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An all natural immune boosting and gentle detox formula for horses.

Cootie Kicker is a recipe that combines detoxing with immune boosting. It is highly effective at flushing toxins out of the body, and repairing  and boosting the immune system. Cootie Kicker may be used in small doses for a gentle detox or larger doses for a quicker more powerful detox (use with caution at higher levels!). Its ability to boost the immune system helps the body to heal faster, whether from sickness or injury. Because of the variety of herbs used, it is packed FULL of a variety of vitamins and minerals! At lower doses may safely be used long term as a vitamin supplement. Detoxing is necessary for horse with liver and kidney issues!

May be used before relocating to boost the immune system which helps the body handle stress.

Use before and after vaccinations to help alleviate symptoms like shot reactions.

During periods of heavy training, may be used to support the immune system which will help with muscle recovery.

Use during injuries to help the body heal more quickly.

WARNING: Detox herbs will also flush out medications! Detox levels not recommended for pregnant mares.

BASIL: Antifungal, antibacterial, boosts digestion.
BENTONITE CLAY-detoxes heavy metals while providing vital minerals.
DANDELION ROOT -increases bile which improves liver/kidney/gallbladder function and detoxing.
ECHINACEA PURPUREA-boosts immune response and increases breathing function
FENUGREEK-helps flush the body of impurities and break up mucous/congestion while improving digestion.
MILK THISTLE-flushes and heals the urinary tract, but specifically works on boosting  liver function.
NETTLE-kidney and adrenal gland tonic that also provides a wide variety of nutrients
ROSEHIP-assists in cleaning bladder and kidneys, raises alkalinity level, promotes a healthy immune system
YARROW-promotes secretion of digestive enzymes. This herb is considered an "all purpose" healing herb.
YELLOW DOCK-improves the flow of bile and digestive juices, increasing elimination from the body which aids in detoxing.