Gut Health Xtra Strength Gallon

Gut Health Xtra Strength Gallon

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GUT HEALTH has a DUAL ACTION FORMULA. The specially formulated Aloe based liquid or gel soothes the stomach and, just like your sunburn, starts to work to heal the acid burn of a gastric ulcer immediately. This along with an immediate release of NaHCO3 that raises stomach pH without disturbing natural and necessary production. Acid production is crucial for proper digestion but it must be kept moving through the stomach. Horses were designed to eat 19 hours a day, therefore a consistent hay diet is certainly helpful.

Xtra Strength is formulated for initial dosing (fist month) and/ or horse's exhibiting acute or chronic symptoms.

GUT HEALTH releases the first stage of its proprietary crystal delivery within 30 minutes of ingestion. It takes approximately 22 minutes for food to pass through the stomach therefore, 25-30 minutes is perfect timing to release pH raising NaHCO3 into the Cecum and beginning of the small intestine. As More and More processed grains and food stuffs are introduced into the equine diet, more and more stress is put on the hindgut to ferment and digest.... This is why many horses are diagnosed with ulcers as they have ulcer symptoms yet may scope clean... Hindgut irritation can be chronic and is clinically undetectable. Therefore, you must listen to the horse tell you of these issues...(To test your horse now, to go to the SYMPTOMS page and watch the video )

GUT HEALTH is the only liquid, gel or paste to deliver pH raising, irritation relieving NaHCO3 in a secure, natural, time released manner up to 4 hrs from the time of ingestion, This means that not only does the proprietary crystal make it through the acid of the stomach but strategically delivers where it is needed most.