Gut Health Starter Pack

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Main active Ingredient is a balanced blend Calcium/Magnesium encapsulated Sodium Bibarbonate crystal. The encapsulant protects the sodium bicarbonate to allow for time release not only in the stomach but for up to 4 hours well into the Intestinal tract. This effectively elevates the pH, reducing the acidity of the hind gut therefore reducing the acid irritation. This relieves discomfort related to the irritation reducing symptoms and over a period of appox 4 months, restabilizes the hind gut to normal function without the irritation of undue ingredient support. Other hind gut products include numerous support ingredients which make it very difficult to take the horse off the product. The carrier of the Crystal is 99.8% pure inner leaf filet aloe vera liquid or gel. As aloe vera has value added benefits, the basic reason for inclusion in the products is as a carrier to effectively deliver the Crystal.


Starter Pack includes 1 gallon of Xtra Strength Gut Health, 1 Quart of EZ- Xtra Gel, 1 Syringe. Quart contains more than 15 tubes worth of prod