Wild Horse Herb "TOO MUCH MARE"

Too Much Mare
Too Much Mare was created to address the hormonal imbalances mainly brought on by the overwhelming use of soy in today’s foods. Symptoms such as constantly squirting, squatting, wanting mounted (even by geldings) aggressiveness, excessively high energy levels may be a part of out of control hormone levels. Distractedness when training, bucking, bolting may also be signs of imbalanced hormones. Hormonal imbalances are also caused by thyroid imbalances that start with insulin resistance from feeds/hays that are too high in Non Structural Carbohydrates (NSC values). Too high of phystoestrogens in the diet upset hormone and thyroid levels. Too high of sugars and starches upset insulin levels. These all intertwine to create issues with each other. Many people think they have Cushings horses (but they test negative) when in reality they have a sugar/thyroid/hormone issue. It is necessary to adjust the diet to a lower sugar non soy diet in order to correct this issue.
Too Much Mare can be used by any mare over the age of 2. It can be used long term but should not be used by a mare about to be bred, pregnant or nursing. It can be used if the mare is not planned on being bred for a year but breeding herbs may need to be used to promote breeding hormone levels.
MAY help with some forms of uterine tumors and mastitis. Use cautiously if these conditions are known. Combine with Cootie Kicker.

Hormone Balancing Herbs:
Blue Cohosh: helps to tone the uterus. Just like humans, mares can have “cramps”. Blue Cohosh helps alleviate this issue which can cause bucking from back soreness.
Dong Quai: Also knows as “female Ginseng”. Balances estrogen levels. Excellent blood tonic (all root based herbs are! Which means it helps with iron deficiency and anemia) anxiety reducing.
Vitex-reduces chances of uterine fibroids, helps balance progesterone/estrogen levels,
Wild Yam-helps regulate blood sugar levels (that can lead to insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance)

Calming/Muscle Relaxing Herbs
Passionflower-helps relax low back muscles due to cramps, helps with anxiety and depression. Helps reduce insulin levels and reduces inflammation.
Red Clover-helps balance hormone levels, improves bone mineral density, helps boost collagen levels to promote healing.
Valerian-calms anxiety, eases muscle cramps

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