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"What do you feed?" That has been my question of the week it seems- and people want to know about the joint supplements DAC® offers.

It could be the history lover in me, but I believe Ben Franklin said it best, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Pardon my lengthiness, but here’s what makes sense to me.

In the sport of Barrel Racing we are asking our animals to run full tilt and then set hard to turn- not once, but three times a run (and stopping can be just as jarring!). Their joints are not designed to have that stress on them, not to mention the weight of a person on their back while doing it.  And really, as I’m thinking about this, it really applies to all disciplines! Jumpers- jumping and landing, reiners- getting into the ground like they do, and man are their maneuvers impressive. Watching a cutting horse simply amazes me. I could go on and on- it applies to all of our equine athletes!

First of all, a great foundation feed program is of utmost importance. However, we all know as barrel racers, that joint maintenance is a main issue and one that we all encounter. My guess is, if you haven’t ever dealt with this issue, you: A. haven’t had your horses vetted during the season, and wonder why you have gate refusal, why they can’t get that one turn just right, are not clocking, or a multitude of other problems; B. maybe you haven’t been riding long enough; C. Your horse is young—but just wait!; D. Don’t realize you have an issue; E. Have done your due diligence as a horse owner and have your horse on a preventative or are already maintaining their joints.

Horses are expensive- so expensive. That is why it is so important to me to do whatever I can to keep them healthy and feeling good. Prevention is the best approach. Why wait until you have a problem to address it? Then you have just that—a problem. Problems cost money.

That brings me to one of the major things that attracted me to try DAC® products. They have a specialized joint product for whatever your horses needs may be. I wanted to share with you a few joint supplements DAC® offers, and what needs they are geared toward. I use several of them, since the needs of the horses in my barn are different. One thing I will say, is the day they are started under saddle, is the day I get them on a joint supplement. For the inquiring minds, Kit Kat is on the Total Performance Plus (with joint), which I love. I am considering trying the Hy Victory this year since rodeo ground is often less than ideal.

One side point- Every horse I own is on a joint supplement.

Total Performance Plus- this is an overall nutritional supplement- plus joint. It provides a balanced vitamin and mineral profile for high performance horses and elite equine athletes. I have had a lot of success with the joint protection in this. The bulk of my horses are on this.

Optimum Flex Plus- This supplement really aids in nourishing the joints, cartilage and connective tissues. It is really high in MSM, and helps in circulation. A great product if you’re starting to see problems.

Yucca 5-Way Pac- This is an anti-inflammatory, and is great from young and growing horses to older horses! For some reason, when I think of this product, my heart melts a little. I use it in place of Bute for my older gal, who is arthritic- it's great for arthritic horses. This is my go-to for anything pain related. It also prevents stocking up. I have two horses and a dog on this product.

Hy-Victory- Does your horse have joint problems already? If so, go for gusto. This is hyalutonate acid in granular form. It will help reduce the need for injections.

Moral of the story- If your horse isn’t on one…they should be.
Let me know if you’d like help with your horse!


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